The Oak Room

Our Oak Room on the lower level provides a spacious area for receptions after a service or burial. With room rental, a hostess is provided to assist with room set-up and clean-up, as well as making coffee and tea, which we provide.

The kitchen has a refrigerator and warming ovens. Plates and cutlery are not provided. The room can also be set up chapel style and used for a Memorial service with a reception to follow.

Audio Visual options

For services in the Oakroom we ask that you bring a laptop from home to play any visuals. We accept HDMI, VGA and have various adapters to make sure your laptop will connect with our overhead projector. Once connected anything on your laptop will me mirrored on the screen. We have the majority of cords and connectors to ensure your laptop will connect properly. Please arrange a time with our office to come in a head of time to test your media before your service.

For audio we recommend any MP3 Player or anything with a headphone port that plays music, this included a laptop. This way your audio will connect to our sound system.