Cemetery & Crematorium

St. John’s Dixie Cemetery is one of the most picturesque green spaces in Mississauga. Located near the north-east corner of Dundas Street East and Cawthra Road in the historic village of Dixie, we have been called a “hidden gem”.

We have been providing sacred space for families to mourn their loved ones since 1816. For the past 30 years St. John’s Dixie has offered cremation services along with an intimate chapel for gatherings with family and friends. A decade ago we renewed and expanded our chapel and visitation centre to accommodate larger groups.

Influenced by a diversity of cultures and faiths in our community, we crafted a sacred space that can accommodate a wide range of gathering sizes where people of all faiths can feel at home.

St. John’s Dixie has a full service crematorium and works with licensed funeral directors across the GTA.  In tandem with licensed funeral directors, we offer witnessing of cremations and private committals, in addition to visitations, funerals, celebrations of life and receptions.   We can refer you to several different funeral directors in the community who can assist you in choosing an appropriate celebration of your loved one’s life.

In addition to indoor facilities for services and receptions, St. John’s Dixie offers full-size cemetery plots, cremation lots, an indoor niche room, outside niches, private niche monuments, and scattering garden.  Contact us for information.