The Magnolia Room

The place where we celebrate lost lives is known by many names: funeral chapel, funeral visitation centre, and reception centre, to name a few. At St. John’s we are pleased to provide our diverse community with a space that can be specifically suited to their needs.

Our visitation centre is an inspired and sacred space that is designed to serve any and all faiths and beliefs for funeral services, receptions, visitations, memorial services, and intimate family gatherings. The centre’s architecture and appointments were conceived by funeral professionals to provide families with a peaceful, functional space for mourning and celebrating a life.

Great forethought and care has been put into the design to allow flexibility depending on the needs of the families we serve. Our chapel has seating for up to three-hundred people and can be partitioned to provide smaller chapels and visitation rooms.

Audio Visual options

For the Magnolia Room we recommend you bring a USB with all required files for the service. We recommend arranging a time with our office before your service to test out all of your audio and visual media so there is time to make any last minute changes at home.
Our system is MAC based and we use the VLC player for the majority of visuals. If your media plays on the VLC player at home then it will work on our system.

Although we prefer a video format such as AVI, .MOV, MP4, MKV, MPEG, we will also accept a folder full of JPEG files.
Power Point is also accepted but please ensure you include the working file so we can make minor adjustments in the settings to make it work in our customized system.

Please note, In the Magnolia room we do not allow laptops to be plugged into our system. USB is the only option. Feel free to bring a Laptop to make changes to your media to be put on a USB if you are unavailable to test your media ahead of time.