How Long are Graves Kept

Many people find it shocking when they see headstones being bulldozed as a part of a cemetery “recycling” project. Most are surprised to realize that although death is permanent, the gravesites are not. People have expressed their disgust over this inconceivable practice. However, before you begin raising your eyebrows consider the following facts below. Contrary [...]

Making a Tough Decision: Should You Attend a Funeral or Not?

If the deceased is a close friend or beloved family member, the answer is pretty obvious. Without an iota of doubt, it would be best if you attend. That is always the right and supportive move to do. Aside from offering support to the bereaved family members, it is your last chance to say farewell [...]

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Are Cemetery Plots Considered Real Estate?

Many financial gurus say that you must never put your eggs in just one basket, so if something fails, you don’t lose your entire nest egg. It does make a lot of sense to diversify your portfolio, which is why many people choose a variety of investment instruments from savings, cash deposits, treasury bonds, mutual [...]

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What Happens in Cremation? A Step By Step Guide

When your loved one passes away, the last thing you want to think of is what happens to the body. Unfortunately, you will have to make some very tough choices amidst your cloud of grief, especially if there is no last will and testament. It is easy to visualize what happens in traditional burial services [...]

How to Write an Obituary for Your Loved One

We’ll never know when our loved one ran out of years. A time will come where you need to have all the support when you make funeral announcements to your loved ones, friends, family members, and colleagues. You too have to grieve and decide the burial plots to, and it wouldn’t be easy because of the overflowing emotions of [...]

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