The Appropriate Funeral Etiquette for a Live-Streamed Service

Are you planning to attend a live-streamed funeral service? The number of people who want to participate in a live-streamed funeral service has significantly increased since the pandemic. Because of social restrictions at that time, most funeral homes now provide this feature, so that relatives who live far away, are ill, or are on active [...]

What are Good Outdoor Memorial Ideas to Honor a Loved One?

Finding the right way to honor a deceased loved one in a way that complements their personality can be very helpful for the ones left behind. For some, it could be in the form of starting a scholarship fund, giving charitable donations to the deceased’s causes, having a portrait made, or creating a memoir about [...]

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When Your Loved One Just Passed Away?

Valentine's day is fast approaching. A holiday heralded for love, and the celebration of it is a great reason and time to celebrate those with whom you share a special love. It is a time to take a pause from the business of everyday living. Taking a moment to be with and remember those you [...]

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