On Suffering, The Five Stages of Grief and Moving On

  Introduction: The subject of grief and depression has fascinated and captured the minds of philosophers and thinkers since time immemorial. From Buddha to Marcus Aurelius, the ancient world has sought its own ways to provide a deeper understanding of this very strong driving force in a person’s life. Traumatic experiences can incur lasting lifetime [...]

Undertaker, Embalmer, Mortician and Funeral Director: What’s the Difference?

People who inter the bodies of our beloved dead play an important role in that rather dark moment in our lives and, thus, play an important role in the greater society. No doubt we all recognize this as a fact but sometimes people get a little confused as to what we call them. People call [...]

Basic Guide on the Proper Etiquette for Sending Funeral Flowers

Sending funeral flowers and sympathy flowers to the family of the deceased is of course a way to send one’s sincere condolences. In most traditions and customs, the sending of funeral flowers is a symbol of giving comfort and sharing the grief with the family and relatives of the dearly departed. If you need a [...]

The Basic but Important Advantages of an Urn Vault

The death of a loved one is always a very difficult and truly emotional experience. Most families will not only suffer through the pain of a sudden death of one of kin but also with the long period of grieving. During this time of mourning, those left behind will be responsible for the funeral and [...]

Tasteful Images On A Tombstone

It’s not unusual for families to want something unique and beautiful for their dear departed. That’s why they are looking for funeral service ideas that really show how much the deceased means to them. And the effort put into it is indeed admirable; surely, anybody who lost a loved one would understand why they want [...]

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