Things to Keep in Mind When Mourning

Experiencing grief is a very life-changing event. The loss can be so devastating you will not be the same person again. The thought of losing someone you love is so shuddering that the subject is altogether avoided in many cultures. However, the subject of grief is something that must be confronted, no matter how difficult [...]

On Suffering, The Five Stages of Grief and Moving On Part 3: More on DABDA and Staying Strong

In the previous article, we showed to you what the five stages of grief are and how they came to be, plus a short definition on what each stage is.  To give you a brief recap, the five stages, otherwise known as the Kübler-Ross Model, experienced by a person going through a traumatic episode are [...]

On Suffering, The Five Stages of Grief and Moving On

  Introduction: The subject of grief and depression has fascinated and captured the minds of philosophers and thinkers since time immemorial. From Buddha to Marcus Aurelius, the ancient world has sought its own ways to provide a deeper understanding of this very strong driving force in a person’s life. Traumatic experiences can incur lasting lifetime [...]

5 Things To Help You Feel Better After A Death

You will need some emotional and physical help if you find yourself grieving from a recent loss of a loved one. At the moment, you might be fully engulfed by your sad feelings and emotions. It can be dangerous if your grief is lasting more than what is normal. There will come a time that [...]

Top Five Books On Grief

Grief can manifest in different ways to different people. Some manifest their grief by crying endlessly, while some will choose to just be alone by themselves. Others will immerse themselves with a certain activity to drown their emotions. Each person is different and everyone will show their grief in ways that seems natural to them. [...]

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