What are Good Outdoor Memorial Ideas to Honor a Loved One?

Finding the right way to honor a deceased loved one in a way that complements their personality can be very helpful for the ones left behind. For some, it could be in the form of starting a scholarship fund, giving charitable donations to the deceased’s causes, having a portrait made, or creating a memoir about the person’s life. 

For people who enjoy the great outdoors, it may be comforting to create an outdoor memorial. This type of remembrance aligns with the departed’s personality, so doing it will help you honor who they are while providing you with comfort as it will surely bring an onslaught of memories. If you’re looking for good outdoor memorial ideas to honor a deceased loved one, check out the following suggestions. They are meaningful as they are unique, making them the perfect tribute. 


Customize a Beautiful Headstone

A traditional option if the deceased is laid to rest in a cemetery is a customized headstone. You can have this made for a burial plot in a garden or even an outdoor cremation niche. Include sweet words on the plaque. If the cemetery management will allow, have a unique color made and even a unique shape. It’s also acceptable to include a photo or preferred image in the grave marker. Ask your funeral director about custom options so you can personalize everything to remember your loved one in a meaningful way. 


Set Up Outdoor Bench with a Message

You can opt to donate a bench in your beloved’s favorite park. If you also like hanging out on Main Street, talk to the city council about donating a city bench. These benches are meant for outdoors, being made of sturdy wood and non-corrosive metal that will withstand harsh environmental elements. Apart from the name of the deceased, you can include a short message like an inspirational quote, words from a favorite song, details about the person, or even your well wishes for the afterlife. You may also be allowed to add emblems or cutouts on the bench to give it a more personal twist. 


Raise a Memorial Flag

You can now order customized flags that help you remember your deceased loved one. You can order a full-sized flag or a mini garden flag to place in your yard. You can personalize it by: 

  • Using the deceased’s favorite color
  • Adding the name and birthday
  • Having a photo printed
  • Choosing other special images

You can display what you want in this memorial flag and leave it all year through for others to see. Alternatively, you can opt to take it out during the death anniversary or other special occasions like birthdays to remember the deceased. The choice is yours as there’s no right or wrong way to get things done. Instead, follow your heart and do what feels right. 


Plant a Remembrance Tree

If the deceased love the great outdoors, a remembrance tree is an appropriate choice. This is especially meaningful if you have the cremains or ashes from the cremation services. You’ll find biodegradable urns or temporary ones that allow you to plant both a seedling and ashes into the ground. As the tree becomes bigger, the roots will spread the mingle with the ashes. This outdoor memorial creates a poignant and long-lasting memento of your special someone while being highly beneficial for the environment. 


Hang Pretty Wind Chimes 

Those who love the great outdoors do so because they enjoy the sun and fresh air. Hence, wind chimes serve as excellent tributes. Best of all, this small piece won’t take up much space, so it’s a good option for people with limited outdoor space. Honor your deceased beloved by choosing a wind chime design that matches their personality. You can even have names engraved on the metal components. Once you hang this in place, you will remember your loved one each time the wind blows and sweet tones emanate from the chimes. It’s a sweet reminder that will help you think your loved one is saying hello. 


Paint a Garden Stone

Unleash your emotions by painting a garden stone. Embarking on a creative hobby while you are grieving is good for healing an injured soul. And remember, you don’t need a garden to paint a stone in honor of your loved one’s memory. You can paint a small rock and put it outside your door, patio, or window sill. If you have a big yard, you can opt to decorate a bigger rock to embellish your flowers. You can even paint several rocks to line up the walkway. Best of all, you can move the rocks around if you wish as the days go by. Painting a garden rock is a versatile option to honor the dead.   


Make a Bird Feeder 

If your deceased loved one enjoyed bird watching and loved feeding birds in the park, you can have a custom bird feeder made to honor their hobby. If you’re a handyman, you can even make one from scratch and include personal elements like a photo and the name. Choose a meaningful color and display this in your yard. It feels very rewarding when you see birds fly in and visit. It’s as if your loved one is saying hello to you, too. 

This list is not exhaustive and the suggestions here barely scratch the surface. You have so many options for honoring a loved one in the great outdoors. Let your creative juices flow to think of fabulous outdoor memorials that show your love, care, and respect. And as you plan the memorial, you’ll realize that the process is also very healing and brings you a tad closer to peace and acceptance.