Crafting a Heartfelt Eulogy: Adding Quotes and Poems to Honor a Loved One

Losing a loved one is an incredibly challenging and emotional experience. And if you’ve been tasked to deliver a eulogy at the funeral, it can even be considered as one of the most difficult responsibilities you’ll ever be expected to carry out. A eulogy is a tribute or way to honor the person you’ve lost. [...]

What are eco-friendly funeral alternatives?

In our modern world, it’s becoming increasingly important to consider the environmental impact of our final farewells. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but this is something we have to think about and plan for. Traditional funeral practices often involve a significant carbon footprint, from embalming chemicals to non-biodegradable caskets.  […]

The Appropriate Funeral Etiquette for a Live-Streamed Service

Are you planning to attend a live-streamed funeral service? The number of people who want to participate in a live-streamed funeral service has significantly increased since the pandemic. Because of social restrictions at that time, most funeral homes now provide this feature, so that relatives who live far away, are ill, or are on active [...]

How to Comfort a Friend Who’s Celebrating the Death Anniversary of a Loved One

Close friends usually have the privilege of knowing important occasions in their friends’ lives. Apart from the usual birthdays and wedding anniversaries, you are most likely privy to when the death anniversary of your friend’s loved one is. And as a supportive friend, you don’t want to gloss over this occasion even if the topic [...]

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