On Suffering, The Five Stages of Grief and Moving On Part 2: The Five Stages of Grief

In the first part of this three-part article series, we’ve touched very briefly on how the ancient philosophies viewed the concept of evil and the immense suffering it caused to mankind. We got a very basic idea on what it’s like to suffer and how the people from back then made sense of it all. [...]

Practical and Easy-to-Follow Tips for Tombstone Rubbing

Tombstone rubbing traces its roots back to the early Chinese civilization where it has been a custom to transfer calligraphy from old stones with transcriptions to help them with documenting their discoveries. The concept of tombstone rubbing started out as stone rubbing which was used for historical purposes. It has then evolved in such manner [...]

Decisions: Burial or Cremation – St. John Dixie Cemetery

In life, a lot of decisions are made. May it be the dress that you will wear for the day, what school to choose for your kids, what investment plan to place your money in and so on. Even when it comes to dealing with death, certain decisions have to be made. One of them [...]