How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When Your Loved One Just Passed Away?

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. A holiday heralded for love, and the celebration of it is a great reason and time to celebrate those with whom you share a special love. It is a time to take a pause from the business of everyday living. Taking a moment to be with and remember those you love and who love you in return makes life more special. And this tradition is especially true when you have recently lost the one you love because it’s human nature to feel how someone means so much to you when they’re gone. 

Every day that goes by without a person you hold dear to you may be difficult, especially on occasions like Valentine’s day. It can be challenging, especially the first few times, as it may amplify feelings of loss. Seeing Cupid, hearts, and arrows may feel like they’re rubbing it in. But, even then, there are ways that you could celebrate this special day. It’s okay to honor and remember your loved one on Heart’s Day. It is critical to reminisce about the joy you shared when they were alive. Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s day when your loved one just passed away.

  1. Make a list of the favorite things you do together

When you feel significantly down, it can help to practice a little bit of introspection. With that in mind, it may help to write down a list of your favorite things that you did together to lessen your grief. Name your favorite food, movies, books, people, pets, places, and activities. 

Focus on your gratitude for these things that happened in the past. These are special core memories that will remind you of your love. It’s okay to go down memory lane and revisit special places. You can also re-read a favorite book in the park or watch your favorite movie.

  1. Shower yourself with some self-love 

One way to celebrate Valentine’s is to honor the love your beloved had given you and the moments you shared by continuing it onto yourself. It’s not selfish to show self-love after the death of a loved one. By showering yourself with TLC the same way your loved one has shown you, you will be reminded of them. 

More importantly, it is a great way to express that joy in your heart. Doing all the wonderful things associated with reinforces that love does not end when one dies. That said, you can take yourself out on a date to your favorite brunch place, treat yourself to a massage, get a new haircut, or take yourself to see the latest Valentine’s flick. 

  1. Dine out with close friends

Valentine’s day is a day for celebrating all kinds of love beyond hallmark romance. That said, one other way to spend your Valentine’s after losing a loved one is to find support in the company of others you love and make you feel so in return. Schedule a brunch date with your best friends or a dinner with other single friends looking for someone to spend the evening with. 

Moreover, you may even invite members of your bereavement support group out for a meal. You can share stories and ponder how much you may have grown since the death of your loved ones. In fact, you can even share a few laughs that you know officially despise Heart’s Day as a newly single person. Laughter is the best medicine and a great coping tool.  

  1. Do good deeds for other people

During momentous holidays like V-day, you may find that most of your attention is focused on yourself and your grief journey. You can be consumed by how much you miss your beloved. And while that is not necessarily bad, it can be helpful to take that energy away from yourself to lessen the overwhelming, intense emotions. 

Instead, you can channel this energy into doing good deeds for others. You can join a fundraiser marathon, drop by an animal shelter, donate to local charities, or simply open the door for the person behind you at a mall entrance. These simple interactions are also a great reminder that you are not alone.

  1. Spend time with family members

It may do you some good to join in on family gatherings on this day, especially those where you will get to see your nephews, nieces, and maybe even grandchildren. Being amid children’s high spirits is excellent therapy for the pain and sadness you must be feeling at this time.

Losing a special person is hard. And it feels heavier on special days like this Hallmark holiday because you are supposed to spend it with them. But remember that though they may not be here physically, they will always be one with you in spirit. And that is every reason to celebrate the season of love because love transcends both time and the boundaries of life and death.